Turazza F.lli have been involved in furniture production since the 70's. Its principle actvity is in the manufacture of reproduction furniture including Louis XVI, 1800's, English Empire, Classical and Contemporary. Specifically designed furniture is also made for individual customer requirements. Over the years the company has gained considerable experience in many international markets. Before commencing production all raw materials are stringently checked to ensure that during and after production the materials remain stable. The Company uses timber and veneers of many varieties, beech, pine, fir, cherry, tulipwood, ramin. The veneers are combined with mdf and sourced only from producers who subject their production to "Catas" testing (checking for low formaldehyde presence, resistance to distortion and strengh) as is required by many contries. All items are made to order, care and attention is given to each and every individual component of furniture. Carvings and inlays have been created to ensure they enhance the design and style of the furniture, hardware and fittings (handles etc) are similery considered. All upholstery for chairs is hand made and cloth linings for shelves in display cabinets and bookcases are availabe. Mirror and crystal doors and shelves are tempered as required. Lights are either standard or halogen.
Polishing and finishing is undertaken with both watwer and acrylic based materials using a 2-4 stage process involving hand sanding, producing either satin or gloss finish. Additional processes are used when an antique patine finish is required and various colours (white, salmon, green, grey and blue) are available using a "decapè" finishing technique.
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